Hurricane Joaquin Inspired Costco Run + More House Shopping VLOG

With Hurricane Joaquin in the news this week, and our state already under a state of emergency with flooding earlier this week, the kids and I make a quick run into Costco for cases of water, bread, and batteries. We’ve had two week-long power outages due to storms in the past, so I’d rather be “safe than sorry” if at all possible. And totally keeping my priorities in check I buy another box of cute coffee mugs, plus Travis and I go house shopping in the evening. Because that’s what you need with a storm coming?

Click here to watch Hurricane Joaquin Inspired Costco Run + More House Shopping VLOG!

One Week Large Family Walmart Grocery Haul + Our Busy Life Menu for the Week!

One Week Large Family Walmart Grocery Haul + Our Busy Life Menu for the Week!

One Week Large Family Walmart Grocery Haul + Busy Life Menu!

You all know that we’re pretty busy right now between “regular” life, Travis being back in college full-time, and now getting our house ready to sell + dream house shopping. All that to say, I haven’t had a day to dedicate to once-a-month grocery shopping lately. :) I’m filling in with quick weekly survival trips into Walmart (my least favorite way to shop, no less!). Here’s my most recent one week large family grocery haul from Walmart, plus my quick busy life menu for the moment.

Busy Life Menu

When we go into a survival mode season it doesn’t mean that life is bad, it just means that life has a few extra busy twists going on. This can make a fairly routine task of getting dinner on the table by 5pm-ish become an overwhelming task that doesn’t take place until 8pm. We DID find ourselves eating dinner one night at 8pm because my husband and I had spent the afternoon and evening working on a house project. Still, these are blessed and exciting times. To make this season easier on myself I’ve resorted back to my “busy life menu.”

Busy Life Menu Basics

  • Make one large meal that can serve as dinner for 2-nights.
  • Keep it a simple recipe that doesn’t need too much attention.
  • Make it easy to reheat in the oven.
  • Pick a family favorite recipe so no one will notice that they’re having it twice ūüėČ

This week my busy life menu is three simple recipes:

  1. Homemade Chili Recipe
  2. Spaghetti over Whole Wheat Noodles (I’m going to try to behave and have mine over Zucchini)
  3. and Slowcooker Meat Loaf

I plan to have a simple breakfast for dinner night and most likely a leftover night too.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL One Week Large Family Walmart Grocery Haul + Our Busy Life Menu for the Week! video with cost breakdown etc.

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