Large Family Road Trip Adventures to Sandusky Ohio

If things have been a little quiet around here it’s because our family of 9 just traveled across 6 states in the last 7 days. Reading that just made me tired!

Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and back to Virginia. 

Our large family road trip was for me to speak at the 2015 Teach Them Diligently Convention in Sandusky Ohio at the Kalahari Resort. After the convention we headed down to visit The Creation Museum. We also meet up with our friends, Tim and Dana Schmoyer, from Schmovies. You can watch their YouTube video of our families meeting up at the Golden Corral for a large family dinner here.

In today’s video I share my large family packing for the trip. Also our adventures from when the power in our 16-passengar van started to die. The blessing is Travis can fix anything! I also share my loose and grace-filled meal plan for the trip.

In Monday’s video I’ll share our trip to The Creation Museum!  Have you ever been?

Updates On the Road with Jamerrill and Family #JamerrillFamilyTravels

Hitting the road for the week!

Hi friends!  I wanted to share a quick update. We’ve been on the road since last Wednesday for the Teach Them Diligently Convention at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio. That’s why I didn’t have a new YouTube Video Thursday, and there isn’t a new one up today.

As soon as we get home we’ll have a few days until we flip and head out to the 2015 Home Educators Association of Virginia event. It’s a busy time, but wonderful opportunity to meet and encourage fellow moms. I have a new talk I’m giving at HEAV and several aspects to get ready for that. Within all this, pray for me and my family?  I always appreciate your prayers. I’m just going forth in faith, believing that Jesus is directing my steps and making them sure.

I had a blessed time ministering to homeschool moms about working (running a business or working for someone else) while also #homeschooling their children. We do exist. We’re not alone. 😘 Now it’s time for the “work” of play. Waterpark here we come!

So, in the meantime while I’m hoping around, please join me for LIVE video updates of our travels on Periscope. Periscope can be downloaded for free for iTunes and Android.  I’m also using the hashtags #JamerrillFamilyTravels and #JamerrillStewartTV on Instagram, etc. Yes, I have a lot of social media going on. It’s an easy way that I can reach out, encourage moms, and share from the phone in my pocket. Yay, technology!

I hope to have new encouraging videos posting of our large family travel adventures for JamerrillStewart.TV shortly, so “stay-tuned.”

NEXT STOP — I’m Periscoping LIVE from the Creation Museum! When you download the new app just search for Jamerrill Stewart and you’ll find me. :)

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